July 21, 2018 - Kennesaw State University

Every year in Thailand there is a 2 week festival celebrating the end of summer, called Songkra. During this 2 week festival, the entire city is turned into days-long water gun fights in the streets. Well we're having our own end-of-the-summer celebration - INTRODUCING THE 2nd ANNUAL SOAK-N-SPLASH 5K!

In this 5K, every runner receives a water gun in addition to a race entry and shirt! Run with a Soak-N-Splash water gun or bring your own big, bad super-soaker! Run this fast 5K and get cooled off at one of our volunteer manned "soaking stations" and splash your fellow runners with your own water gun along the way! There will be water gun refill stations along the course, and an EPIC water gun fight at the end.

Beloved Atlanta
Goal: $5,000